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Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Morning Motivation (12/27/10)

Great Monday Morning!

To all the Northeast residents, we aren't afraid of a little snow are we; stuck but not scared. Today is the last Monday of 2010, so instead of putting together a "Best-of" I'd rather that we all are reflective of the Mondays of our past 12 months and the achievements we now hold dear.

Now isn't the time to reset our plans, only enhance them, evolve them. Now is the best time to be YOU and live YOUR life in a way that inspire others.

On a sad note, the music world lost an amazing voice and woman, over the weekend, Teena Marie. Whether you pray or meditate, if you have some great energy to share, her family and friends could use it. Teena's loss like any other loss of life should be a reminder that we can't take this life we have, for granted; we must not take our loved ones for granted. It is not about whether tomorrow is promised or not. What it is about is not just setting and achieving goals, we must also set and achieve love. The way that we care and love is what makes us human. So love out loud.

A great Monday Morning equals a Great week. Stay strong and motivated.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Morning Motivation (12/20/10)

Great Monday Morning to ya'!

This is my second to last MMM for the calendar year of 2010. But there is no end in sight. Greatness has our name engraved in it. All we have to do is go to the store and pick it up.

But don't get me wrong, greatness isn't reserved like a dinner for two at a Five Star Restaurant. Greatness is attached to every plan, every goal we set out to achieve. The question is, "Are you leaving your Greatness at the store, for pick-up?"

We set goals all the time. Some of those goals just aren't meant to be. The growing population of "haters" are often wrong about their subjects. We must face the fact that sometimes, your "hater" might be right. (I know, where did that come from).

With that in mind, be sure that your new goals are full of passion. Passion work is the way live. It is overwhelming and rewarding. If you are living your passion, continue it. If you are well on your way to it, evolve until you reach it.

Have a great and productive Monday Morning and you will have a great and productive week. Stay strong and motivated.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Morning Motivation (12/13/10)

Great Monday Morning!

It feels so good to be back. Back at it everyday, taking no prisoners or names. Being in that special zone that we all have; when everything falls into place.

You'll be surprised how often things fall into place; that if you pay attention to everything, not just the struggle, you'll find that your life's triangles, fit in your daily triangle shapes.

This Monday Morning, lets take the time to place the right shape, through the right hole. Squares do not fit into circles. If it isn't working, evolve to a new circle to fit in that space.

For all I know, we only get one of these lives. We have to proceed to what make our shapes fit. Indianapolis Colts Quarterback, Peyton Manning, said something amazing at one of his press conferences last week in regards to adversity: People would tell me hang 'in' there; I was never 'out' there.

We can always be better, we can always adjust on the fly. But sometimes we must stop trying to jam hexagon into a rectangle. (wow, I hope this letter clicks) :)

Have a great Monday morning, and you will have an excellent week. Stay Strong and motivated.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Watchful Eye: Hamilton Ave. Dad

Written by Marie Antionette

On December 9th, 2010 at approximately 7:25 am, I witnessed a City of Trenton, Public School Student Vehicle traveling down Hamilton Avenue going towards Hamilton Township. My initial thought was “Damn, there’s no Trenton Public School in this direction, so where is this individual going?” I then noticed the erratic driving of the car. Fast then slow, fast then slow again. Angered because I was the driver behind them, I decided to pay closer attention to this car because it looked as if they were going to cause a serious accident at any moment. Why you might ask? Because the driver had three small passengers in the car with them, children at that who were tossing a ball up and down in the care, obstructing the drivers view at times as well as distracting them from paying attention to the road.

More angered by this stupidity, I asked myself “Who does that?” Who allows their passengers to horseplay around like that in such a small vehicle while the car is in motion? It may have been different if this was a van, or even bus but it wasn’t. It was a sedan, car # 45, and again. It didn’t appear to be traveling to any public school in Trenton.

I remained behind this vehicle until passing them about ¼ miles before hitting the intersection of Rt. 33. It was then that the driver veered off to route 295 south. Hmmm, there is no Trenton Public School in that direction, so could it be that this driver and obvious employee of this city was using a school vehicle for their own personal use? Our schools don’t have money for books, paper, pens, pencils, basic school supplies but we tax payers are funding someone else’s children’s transportation to school outside of the norm? Why does everyone want to turn a blind eye to what really needs to be addressed, sugar coat issues of concern and act as if the issues will just iron themselves out. We need to be more critical of who we appoint to these administrative positions of power so that we can ensure they are doing their jobs and not just sitting back collecting a check.

Speaking of administration. I got a text from my oldest son today at approximately 12:30 pm stating Trenton Central High Main campus put the school on lock down based on a rumor that the students were going to walk out. Concerned that this may just be a set up to trap some unsuspecting child in the building so that they could beat or harass the student, I called the school and asked where was the proof of the walk out? Had they considered the danger this could pose inside of the school to the students? Needless to say, the underpaid sec who answered the phone was more furious that I showed concern for the students than she was with legitimacy of my question. She asked did I want to leave my name and number for someone to call me back? No I replied. I want to speak to someone now! They are all in a meeting she said. (Funny, every time you call Trenton High, you can never get any administrator on the phone and from September to June, they are all always in a meeting). Well I’ll tell you this I said. The board of education (including Trenton High) is responsible for my child’s safety from the moment they enter the building, until they reach home. If one hair gets harmed on my child’s head, I will be a force greater than nature to be reckoned with. You are not Joe Clark, this is not East Side High, and you cannot lock students in a school based on a rumor.

If the administrators of this City do not learn to take accountability for what is screwed up in this city, they will have no one to blame but themselves when the Feds come in and do a complete overhaul of what is current.

Be sure to go to and pick up a book or two.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Dream

By Sana Arshad

A Dream...
I had a dream King said
'Bout what I asked
Of whom he said
Replied from u I did

So chuckled he did
Embarrassed I begged
Please explain what u said
He smiled with a yes

Its been a long time coming
The beatings and the mocking
And the water hoses running
Some thought for naught

Dogs at the ankles
Fists breaking mandibles
Our Aunties cornered and raped
No escape

Spat on
Because whatever we stood on or sat on
Was white owned
There was nothing to call our own

Recognized as part human
3/5 of a person
Greeted with curses
Nearly put in hearse, (man)

Worked for the same green
Tho' the colors on our skin
more evident
Than the blood in between

I prayed none died in vain
Do u know we would of marched in the rain
Just to voice our pain!?

For the day in a lifetime
Maybe not mine
But our kids
Judged for who he is

Not born of a darker hue
Its not black or white
Or red or blue
Its the content

Now u see it too
I do I said
I'm so proud he said
Then a moment passed

Now u know why we bled
Be assured he urged
I'm filled with joy
Ever since August 61 they said its a boy

And when they named him,
The world got blessed
49 yrs later I don't feel no stress.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Morning Motivation (12/6/10)

Achievements, large and small are what drives us towards success. They are career incentives, the dots we connect with lines. Achievements are the "set" between "Ready" and "Go". And this morning, this Monday morning will bring new meaning to, "Going Out and Getting It!"

This morning, use your auto-focus, find your balance and set up your achievements for the week. If you're on Twitter and is 500 tweets away from 20,000, set your achievement of 500 tweets in five days. We are not reaching for goals this week; we are reaching achievements. While I'm speaking on Twitter, use - a tweet scheduling site which works wonders for the business minded.

I'd like to thank everyone supporting Monday Morning Motivation. A few sites have picked it up and some are even forwarding it out to their friends and family, so feel free to do the same.

Achieve your personal greatness, your signature greatness. Then share it with the world. Because anything that's humanly seen is humanly possible. Stay strong and motivated.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Win TWO Passes to the UE Video Release Party on 12/02/10 (THURSDAY NIGHT)

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Strict Dress Code:
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pillars of My Community

Written by Jamal Jones

On November 20, 2010, I was granted the honor of experiencing one of the most authentic and well-respected crafts that has helped to shape the community of Trenton, NJ, drilling. A culture that has taken part in nurturing, molding, and disciplining the youth of yesterday has advanced and matured for the past 20 years, and still services the youth of today. As an outsider looking in, when performances are put on it almost seems effortless. However, little does a feeble mind know, many years of sacrifice, and hours of practice allow all who participate to offer such jaw-dropping feats of physical display. To define what has taken place for the last 20 plus years, in the name of the progression of The Miller Homes Smoothe Steppers, The Sophisticated Debutantes, and the most recent, New Millenium, as a 'trend' would be equivalant to not recognizing someone for a certain excellence that has helped to improve a needy cause for the better. Instead, the work that has been put out should, respectfully, be referred to as a 'movement'.   

Supporters from all over the city of Trenton shared seats with supporters from Philadelphia, Maryland, and Atlantic City at The P.A.L Center in Hockessin, Delaware to cheer on their friends and family members that were set to perform. As the drill teams were preparing, a warmth and comfort among socializing could be felt within the stands. Past participants of Trenton's drill teams who had also traveled out to show their support were happily reuniting and reminicing with past teammates; which really spoke volumes of the legacy that they helped to build upon. The aura throughout resembled that of a family reunion.

Without warning, a strong voice would interrupt conversations and gain our attention to welcome us to the 2010 Multi-States Competition. Following the welcome, the National Anthem would be sang, then the moment that everyone awaited would soon arrive, the start of the competition. The order of the competition would progress as followed: Pee-Wee teams, Junior teams, Intermediate teams, Intermediate Percussionists, Senior Percussionists, then Seniors. Smoothe yet sophisticated steppers of our present millenium commanded the attention of their supporters for more than two and half hours in an attempt to convince judges, through intriquet choreography filled with stunning theatrics, that they embody the necessary skills to represent their hometown on a gradeur scale of competition.

Granted, the purpose of the competition was to crown a winner based off of their skills and talents, however their seemed to be a greater purpose illuminating itself through the pounding of the drums, the stomping of the feet, and each salute offered. These teams were furthering the longevity of a legacy. They were paying homage to those who had come before them just by standing in the positions in which they had chosen to take part in, alone. And confirmation of their efforts were heard through cheers and applause, as well as seen in standing ovations by all who support the movement. This type of unity has found itself to be rare in today's society. So many are in search of an outlet that will distract their minds and/or their children's minds from the daily routine of drugs, and violence that could easily influence the downfall of our future's futures. The presence of Trenton's drill teams have always encompassed a spirit that challenged the community to take part in having a good time on their day off from work, or brief break from their daily routine. And from my perspective, that spirit has grown stronger within Trenton's drill teams and would prove to be even stronger if efforts of progression are encouraged to be the focus needed to continue this movement, collectively.

(These words are offered in respect of the names of ALL who have contributed to the drill teams throughout Trenton, NJ for the past 20 plus years and beyond. Please continue to remain encouraged.....

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Morning Motivation (11/29/10)

Great Monday Morning to you and to those your energy will inspire. Momentum is a beautiful thing; like the snowflake at the top of a mountain which comes together with other snowflakes, create a movement to become a snowball, then ultimately an avalanche.

This Monday Morning, as many in the past have proven with us growing together, we are becoming that avalanche. Yes, natural disasters can be created by an event such as this; but also, natural success.

Today, let's get the best ball rolling. The keyword is: Synergy. Of the chosen few around you, who are the best at assisting you in developing your avalanche? Not only that, which person do you bring the best out of? Let's focus on those people this morning, so that we can have the best Monday Morning, all week long.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning Motivation (11/22/10)

Let's have a toast to the groudbreakers; let's have a toast to us! It's Monday Morning; your time, our time. And although it is a short work week for some, many of us will be on our job in the middle of a turkey slicing.

2010 is coming to a close. But that doesn't mean that you should be. The calendar year doesn't have to be a start/end point. Set your own, be your own. Oh, and please stop and smell a rose; I can't say that enough. You must take a deep breath, look at your accomplishments, enjoy them, then build upon them. Let's take the robot out of our lives and LIVE!

This Monday Morning is yours... No texting, make phone calls this morning. Take your good energy and share it with someone, they'll do the same for you; if not, get off the phone and try again :)

I wanted to thank everyone that showed their interest in helping me raise money for the Boys and Girls Club. I am still putting finishing touches in before collected the donations. All of you are the best!

Lastly, I'd like to congratulate the lovely, free spirited Tanya Beardsley. She is a Zumba Dance Instructor in NYC and a weekly supporter of Monday Morning Motivation. Last week, XBOX 360 Kinect released "Zumba Fitness" and Tanya is a virtual instructor in the game! I had the opportunity of testing out the game with her, a few months back. She is a whirlwind! :)

Remember, your week ahead will mirror what you accomplish this morning. Let's have a toast to us!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


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