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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Watchful Eye: Hamilton Ave. Dad

Written by Marie Antionette

On December 9th, 2010 at approximately 7:25 am, I witnessed a City of Trenton, Public School Student Vehicle traveling down Hamilton Avenue going towards Hamilton Township. My initial thought was “Damn, there’s no Trenton Public School in this direction, so where is this individual going?” I then noticed the erratic driving of the car. Fast then slow, fast then slow again. Angered because I was the driver behind them, I decided to pay closer attention to this car because it looked as if they were going to cause a serious accident at any moment. Why you might ask? Because the driver had three small passengers in the car with them, children at that who were tossing a ball up and down in the care, obstructing the drivers view at times as well as distracting them from paying attention to the road.

More angered by this stupidity, I asked myself “Who does that?” Who allows their passengers to horseplay around like that in such a small vehicle while the car is in motion? It may have been different if this was a van, or even bus but it wasn’t. It was a sedan, car # 45, and again. It didn’t appear to be traveling to any public school in Trenton.

I remained behind this vehicle until passing them about ¼ miles before hitting the intersection of Rt. 33. It was then that the driver veered off to route 295 south. Hmmm, there is no Trenton Public School in that direction, so could it be that this driver and obvious employee of this city was using a school vehicle for their own personal use? Our schools don’t have money for books, paper, pens, pencils, basic school supplies but we tax payers are funding someone else’s children’s transportation to school outside of the norm? Why does everyone want to turn a blind eye to what really needs to be addressed, sugar coat issues of concern and act as if the issues will just iron themselves out. We need to be more critical of who we appoint to these administrative positions of power so that we can ensure they are doing their jobs and not just sitting back collecting a check.

Speaking of administration. I got a text from my oldest son today at approximately 12:30 pm stating Trenton Central High Main campus put the school on lock down based on a rumor that the students were going to walk out. Concerned that this may just be a set up to trap some unsuspecting child in the building so that they could beat or harass the student, I called the school and asked where was the proof of the walk out? Had they considered the danger this could pose inside of the school to the students? Needless to say, the underpaid sec who answered the phone was more furious that I showed concern for the students than she was with legitimacy of my question. She asked did I want to leave my name and number for someone to call me back? No I replied. I want to speak to someone now! They are all in a meeting she said. (Funny, every time you call Trenton High, you can never get any administrator on the phone and from September to June, they are all always in a meeting). Well I’ll tell you this I said. The board of education (including Trenton High) is responsible for my child’s safety from the moment they enter the building, until they reach home. If one hair gets harmed on my child’s head, I will be a force greater than nature to be reckoned with. You are not Joe Clark, this is not East Side High, and you cannot lock students in a school based on a rumor.

If the administrators of this City do not learn to take accountability for what is screwed up in this city, they will have no one to blame but themselves when the Feds come in and do a complete overhaul of what is current.

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