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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Dream

By Sana Arshad

A Dream...
I had a dream King said
'Bout what I asked
Of whom he said
Replied from u I did

So chuckled he did
Embarrassed I begged
Please explain what u said
He smiled with a yes

Its been a long time coming
The beatings and the mocking
And the water hoses running
Some thought for naught

Dogs at the ankles
Fists breaking mandibles
Our Aunties cornered and raped
No escape

Spat on
Because whatever we stood on or sat on
Was white owned
There was nothing to call our own

Recognized as part human
3/5 of a person
Greeted with curses
Nearly put in hearse, (man)

Worked for the same green
Tho' the colors on our skin
more evident
Than the blood in between

I prayed none died in vain
Do u know we would of marched in the rain
Just to voice our pain!?

For the day in a lifetime
Maybe not mine
But our kids
Judged for who he is

Not born of a darker hue
Its not black or white
Or red or blue
Its the content

Now u see it too
I do I said
I'm so proud he said
Then a moment passed

Now u know why we bled
Be assured he urged
I'm filled with joy
Ever since August 61 they said its a boy

And when they named him,
The world got blessed
49 yrs later I don't feel no stress.
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