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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation (1/31/11)

A Legendary Monday to YOU:

What is the point of motivation, if it doesn't cover every base? Career motivation is one thing. Life motivation is another. But it is relationship motivation that many of us need.

Having a support system is a beautiful gift. It's only human to feel so much better about who we are when we have someone that cheers us on; someone we could cheer on. But in life, finding that support system, and keeping it, is a tough go.

One of the reasons is because our past is placed into an unforgiving state. Our pain has taken over, haunts us from day to day, rendering us helpless to the future. But all of that can change, if you begin to forgive YOURSELF.

We see that excellent relationship and dream of having it ourselves. So we tend to create an excellent relationship with someone, instead of allowing for it to grow on its own. Some of us are in caring relationships, yet still choose to use it against the person they're with; to cheat on their special someone, instead of placing all their caring into a person they're lucky to have in the firdt place.

This morning, let's take a moment to look into ourselves, to stand present with the ghosts of our relationship pasts, and begin our cleansing process of those bad feelings keeping us from a healthier companionship in the future. If you have someone in your life that adores you, yet you can't help but to stray off, do them a favor, care for once and walk away; or simply devote your energy and time to the person that supports your life.

Life is so short. Not just your life, but the person that you are with, want to be with, or left behind. It's time that we all do our part to protect a heart.

Have an extraordinary Monday Morning and you'll have an extraordinary week.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Top presents: The Quiet Before the Storm, hosted by DJ Enfluential

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

America’s Worst Cook is Trenton’s Best Man

By Jelissa Frank

Tyrone “Chrome” Miller is a man with the plan. Mr. Miller appeared at the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton, in Mercer County on Thursday, January 13, 2011, through the “Jewels for Gems Program” to sit down and share his life stories and struggles with a group of young teen members. He was very energetic and very into hearing what the young teens had to say, as well as their future plans. After hearing everyone's plans he would give them advice on how to make their dreams a reality while still being very down to earth, and boosting their esteem.

So far, Mr. Miller has accomplished many things in life. He has appeared twice on BET’s 106 & Park for Friday Rap Battles. He was a songwriting contributor to rock band, Sugar Ray, which eventually awarded him with a Platinum plaque. He went on to some producing, playing small but meaningful roles in film, and now hosting events in the Mercer County area. And Mr. Miller currently guest stars on “Worst Cooks in America” on the Food Network. We at Synergy of Trenton sat down with Mr. Miller, after his presentation to talk about the love for his hometown and his hopes for the future.

Synergy of Trenton: What was one of your greatest obstacles you had to overcome to be the man you are today?

Tyrone “Chrome” Miller: I never really had to overcome any hard life obstacles. So I would say my toughest obstacle was my first rap battle on 106 & Park. When I lost, I came home and faced the criticism and ridicule. What really was the obstacle was coming back on for a second chance to battle and having to humble myself, and prepare myself to fail again. But I didn't. I won. And that jump started my career.

Synergy of Trenton: Growing up, were you placed on the educational scale as far as grades and academics?

Tyrone “Chrome” Miller: I am not afraid to admit that I was a "C" average student. I did the bare minimum to get by; I would do absolutely no homework and I am not ashamed to admit that I wasn't the best student. I also know that if I would have applied myself, my career might be a lot farther along than it already is. You may have all the talent, think you have it all planned out, and don't need school. But the reality of it is, school is key! You can't make it without an education.

Synergy of Trenton: Who do you feel played a major role in your life and your success?

Tyrone “Chrome” Miller: My son played the ultimate roll in my life, which led to my success. When my son was born, I had no choice but to make it. I had to provide for him so I had to "hustle" and make many different decisions. My motivation to provide for my son gave me a passion and a drive. So I have my son to thank for my success.

Synergy of Trenton: What is your next big move in your life?

Tyrone “Chrome” Miller: My next big move would have to be a TV show of my own. I can't really tell you what it’s about. It’s a surprise. But it’s going to be amazing. So just send your prayers that everything goes according to plan. I want to truly touch many people, and inspire others with this upcoming opportunity.

Mr. Miller is very ambitious. He really chases after his dreams. And the best part, he promised to return to the Boys and Girls Club, and talk with the young teens again. Mr. Miller was a breath of fresh air. The young teens in attendance really enjoyed him. He is truly a role model, not only for African-Americans, but for young men also. He is another example that dreams can become a reality, as long as you take it one step at a time. And if you fall, always remember to get back up.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation (1/24/11)

Great Monday Morning Everyone!

I hope that this letter reaches you in excellent spirits. When was the last time you've heard, "Today is your day!" Well, you've just read it. Now walk ovee to a mirror and say it to yourself: Today is my day.

Because it really is your time. The moment is right now, and the future, every second you have, is the reward of this moment. What will you do with Right Now?

Will you send emails or make phone calls to the people you haven't talked to in quite some time? Will you openly think about what makes you great and share this energy with others? Will you continue on one path while ending another?

I dare you to be above and beyond this morning. I dare you to be amazingly extraordinary, even if this energy last for 4 hours. I dare you to be yourself, at your best.

Monday Mornings Matter, so make them count like a child that finally counted from 1 to 100 and feels pure joy and pride because of their accomplishment. Go Get'em!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"A Night To Remember" Valentine's Day Bash

The Executive Music Business Suite Presents:

"A Night To Remember" Valentine's Day Bash

Come out and celebrate life and love along with other Tri-State Mature & Upscale Trendsetters on this Valentine's Day weekend.

On February 12th, 2011, from 5pm-11pm @ The Trenton Marriott Downtown (1 West Lafayette St) come out and enjoy a special dinner buffet, drinks and dancing.

ATMOSPHERE: It will be a gathering for those who shape the flavor of the world...Those who set rather than follow the trends.....A crowd pleaser without being a crowd seeker. Someone who is ready for today, and plans for tomorrow…Exudes positive energy, and knows what time it is without looking at their watch!

ATTIRE: Your attire is a reflection on you. Those who dress appropriate show respect for themselves and others.

THE SOUND TRACK: Classic R&B * House * Slow Jams by The DJ Slowjam Powell Experience (& His Celebrity Friends)

TIME: 5PM - 11PM


ADDED ATTRACTIONS: Give-Aways all night long to Couples & Singles from Upscale stores and businesses.

Special Meet and Greet with The Food Network's "Worst Cooks in America", Trenton's Own Celebrity Tyrone "Chrome" Miller and others.

PRICE: NO COVER (with RSVP @ by 2pm on February 12th)

The Dinner Buffet (Price announced shortly) will be available.

Any Questions, call Xavier J. Powell @ 609-851-5089

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation (1/17/11)

A Grand Monday Morning to you:

On this special Monday Morning, I'll keep this letter short. One of the greatest motivators in American History, a true inspiration of mine, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebrates a 25th Anniversary of a holiday he earned in life by understanding the change he wanted to see in American, could bring him an early and tragic death.

Dr. King lived and loved without fear. And he was very aware of his purpose. So this morning, "Be KING like." Live and love without fear; become more aware of your purpose, big or small. Fearlessly be yourself. Learn what the small things are in your life, and complain less. Grab onto the things that make your heart sing and surround those things with a choir of good spirits.

Stay strong and motivated...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

PureBeing Wellness: Nutrition Counseling and Personal Fitness Training

Words by Norbert Niakas

PureBeing Wellness aims to progress a conscious state of well-being by
aiding its clients in making the necessary lifestyle alterations towards
whole, natural foods, exercise, and overall self-care. By moving away from
the Western Diet and sedentary lifestyle, and towards a concept of
prevention through proper nutrition and exercise, clients can better enjoy
their everyday life with the energy and vigor that they deserve!

PureBeing Wellness provides both nutrition counseling and personal fitness
training components. The nutrition counseling is accommodated through a
6-month program that includes twelve one-hour counseling sessions (two per
month), during which I work together with the client to reach their health
and life goals by making step-by-step changes to their food and lifestyle.
At the end of each session I provide the client with dietary
recommendations tailored specifically to their needs and lifestyle.
Some of the other features of the nutrition counseling program include:
health-related handouts at the conclusion of each session that will provide
the client with pertinent nutritional information aimed to guide them
toward reaching their health goals, a year's worth of monthly newsletters
that will provide further nutrition and healthy lifestlye information,
healthy cooking recipes and advice, and much much more!
Along with the 6-month nutrition program, PureBeing Wellness offers private
personal training sessions. My personal training theory centers on
fast-paced calisthetics and cross-training aimed for weight loss, toning,
enhancing daily energy levels and metabolism.

Free one-hour health history consultations are available now!!!
Appointments can be made by phone at 609-516-5198. The office is located on 439 South Broad
St, Suite 205, Trenton, NJ, right across from the Sun Center.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation (1/10/11)

A splendid Monday Morning to you:

This morning, being better than ever is an understatement; being "yourself" is is the very top of the mountain. Individuality is living; coming together to form alliances is what makes us human.

Acting is a thing of the past. You can't be everything to everybody and not expect to be a shell of yourself. Losing track of your identity only leads to the people around you losing hope in your abilities.

So this morning, look at an old picture of yourself, then ask, "Who was I, then? Who was I trying to be then? Am I that person now?" Life is beautiful, it is the ultimate challenge. How do you choose to step up to that challenge, this week?

Have an extraordinary Monday Morning, and you'll have an extraordinary week.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm guessing you want to be hated?

Even haters are a part of Supply and Demand. You give them power by mere mentions of their efforts. How do they have access to you anyway?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why is Synergy so Important?

The City of Trenton has its fair share of wins and losses; its fair share of success stories which rarely come back to the city as much as the city doesn't reach out to dedicate a park or street to the name of its hometown successes.

Each year, Trenton grows in both legal and illegal residents; 70% of the city depends on Public Assistance to survive. Local government receives the brunt of criticism from the few tax payers the city has. Resentment continues to grow between the have nots and have very little.

Why does Trenton need Synergy??? Synergy is important in keeping growing stars shining, and not exhausting energy by being the only star in the city's sky. By bringing movements together, bringing lights together, the city can shine bright and use less energy to keep up the progress.

So we at "Synergy of Trenton" welcome you to join us by signing up to this blog. All city residents can promote for free, as a member of the blog. Only members can promote. We have contests on the way and a vibrant writing staff to keep content fresh and Trenton ready. Welcome!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation (1/3/11)

A Phenomenal Monday to All!

Evolution over Resolution. This morning is the moment you come face to face with the extension to a previous idea; an idea to grow on; the idea that has been haunting your thoughts and never made it to paper. So pay attention this morning, this week at best, write every idea you have on paper, on your smartphone or computer. Don't miss out.

There is one more thing for you to think about this morning. For those of you that are in relationships, it is of utmost importance that you evaluate your significant other and whether or not they extend your personality and drive, or take from it. Focusing becomes more difficult with each object in your life lens. When you are with the wrong energy, you lose focus on all your objects, some are lost for the duration of your relationship. When you are with the right energy, this person helps you to focus on your goals, expand on your skills; you have someone that you want to be great for. Even if you're not in a relationship, keep these things in mind. A picture out of focus is low on, you've guessed it, resolution. Evolution is key.

Once again, thank you for all the support; the forwards, the retweets, the Facebook "likes" for Monday Morning Motivation. I am extremely humbled.

Have an amazing Monday Morning, and you'll be rewarded with an extraordinary week. Stay strong and Motivated.