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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why is Synergy so Important?

The City of Trenton has its fair share of wins and losses; its fair share of success stories which rarely come back to the city as much as the city doesn't reach out to dedicate a park or street to the name of its hometown successes.

Each year, Trenton grows in both legal and illegal residents; 70% of the city depends on Public Assistance to survive. Local government receives the brunt of criticism from the few tax payers the city has. Resentment continues to grow between the have nots and have very little.

Why does Trenton need Synergy??? Synergy is important in keeping growing stars shining, and not exhausting energy by being the only star in the city's sky. By bringing movements together, bringing lights together, the city can shine bright and use less energy to keep up the progress.

So we at "Synergy of Trenton" welcome you to join us by signing up to this blog. All city residents can promote for free, as a member of the blog. Only members can promote. We have contests on the way and a vibrant writing staff to keep content fresh and Trenton ready. Welcome!

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