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Sunday, January 16, 2011

PureBeing Wellness: Nutrition Counseling and Personal Fitness Training

Words by Norbert Niakas

PureBeing Wellness aims to progress a conscious state of well-being by
aiding its clients in making the necessary lifestyle alterations towards
whole, natural foods, exercise, and overall self-care. By moving away from
the Western Diet and sedentary lifestyle, and towards a concept of
prevention through proper nutrition and exercise, clients can better enjoy
their everyday life with the energy and vigor that they deserve!

PureBeing Wellness provides both nutrition counseling and personal fitness
training components. The nutrition counseling is accommodated through a
6-month program that includes twelve one-hour counseling sessions (two per
month), during which I work together with the client to reach their health
and life goals by making step-by-step changes to their food and lifestyle.
At the end of each session I provide the client with dietary
recommendations tailored specifically to their needs and lifestyle.
Some of the other features of the nutrition counseling program include:
health-related handouts at the conclusion of each session that will provide
the client with pertinent nutritional information aimed to guide them
toward reaching their health goals, a year's worth of monthly newsletters
that will provide further nutrition and healthy lifestlye information,
healthy cooking recipes and advice, and much much more!
Along with the 6-month nutrition program, PureBeing Wellness offers private
personal training sessions. My personal training theory centers on
fast-paced calisthetics and cross-training aimed for weight loss, toning,
enhancing daily energy levels and metabolism.

Free one-hour health history consultations are available now!!!
Appointments can be made by phone at 609-516-5198. The office is located on 439 South Broad
St, Suite 205, Trenton, NJ, right across from the Sun Center.

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