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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation (1/31/11)

A Legendary Monday to YOU:

What is the point of motivation, if it doesn't cover every base? Career motivation is one thing. Life motivation is another. But it is relationship motivation that many of us need.

Having a support system is a beautiful gift. It's only human to feel so much better about who we are when we have someone that cheers us on; someone we could cheer on. But in life, finding that support system, and keeping it, is a tough go.

One of the reasons is because our past is placed into an unforgiving state. Our pain has taken over, haunts us from day to day, rendering us helpless to the future. But all of that can change, if you begin to forgive YOURSELF.

We see that excellent relationship and dream of having it ourselves. So we tend to create an excellent relationship with someone, instead of allowing for it to grow on its own. Some of us are in caring relationships, yet still choose to use it against the person they're with; to cheat on their special someone, instead of placing all their caring into a person they're lucky to have in the firdt place.

This morning, let's take a moment to look into ourselves, to stand present with the ghosts of our relationship pasts, and begin our cleansing process of those bad feelings keeping us from a healthier companionship in the future. If you have someone in your life that adores you, yet you can't help but to stray off, do them a favor, care for once and walk away; or simply devote your energy and time to the person that supports your life.

Life is so short. Not just your life, but the person that you are with, want to be with, or left behind. It's time that we all do our part to protect a heart.

Have an extraordinary Monday Morning and you'll have an extraordinary week.

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