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Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation (2/7/11)

This is your morning!

Ok, it won't be easy but it is definitely your morning. You must do one thing: Live in the Moment. Living in the moment isn't easy when you haven't a clue of what is distracting you from doing so.

Distractions have grown into a way of life for many of us, unknowingly. Whether it's social networking, mainly social networking, texts, emails, BBM, Skype, relationships, etc. distractions are the gate keepers to us living in the moment.

The old adage of stopping to smell the roses has become, "At least don't crush the rose as you speed by."

This morning, take a moment to think about your everyday life; your everyday distractions. What can you do to ease off or simply calm your mindstate to lessen these distractions; to focus on the here and now. We tend to build better futures for ourselves when we plan for those moments now. We must afford paying attention. Live in the moment.

Have an excellent Monday Morning, and you'll have an excellent week.

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