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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saving Our City: Sound of Trenton

If you haven't noticed, quite a few businesses have closed in the Downtown area. Sadly, a large number of Trenton's residents depend on Public Assistance to even spend money Downtown. Between the 1st and the 5th, our Downtown area receives a burst in business from the city. Between the 6th and the 31st, it's dire.

We wanted to talk to you about a City Institution that needs your unwavery support. Sound of Trenton is a city landmark. Isay Levitsky owns one of our city's longest running businesses. Sound of Trenton is one of the last "Mom and Pop Record Stores" in this country. Isay has watched practically everyone under the age of 37 that grew up in this city, grow up. He knows our parents. He remembers every person, even the young men who have done 5 to 10 year bids and reappear in his store.

Isay loves this city so much and knows more about music than any of us. He has endured the ridicule of being Russian born, in an urban city selling American music. He has received disrespect on a daily from Trenton residents telling him that he doesn't know about "their" music. And he still stands strong, answer the questions and send them on their way.

I can understand the reason why many of you haven't appeared in his store as of late. Department stores like Wal-Mart and Target are selling Music at a fraction of the cost of what Sound of Trenton sells music. Here is a few differences between the two: Department stores buy CD's in bulk, reducing the price. Local record stores must buy CD's in smaller quantities, raising the price. Did you know that a local record store may have to pay upwards of $12 per CD; they still have to sell it; to make a profit you must sell that CD for at least $2 more. Department stores don't make money from selling music. Local record stores like Sound of Trenton must sell CD's to keep the lights on.

Sound of Trenton is YOUR store. It is a City mainstay. We must support it. A few dollars more for music, keeps our city thriving. And honestly, after you pay for gas to go up the highway to save a few dollars on a CD, you're paying the same amount in the end. Those departments don't care about you; they don't know you and could care less how your mother is doing. Isay at Sound of Trenton does CARE. Support isn't just about receiving it for yourself, it is about shwoing it to others. Show Support!

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