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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning Motivation (1/24/11)

Great Monday Morning Everyone!

I hope that this letter reaches you in excellent spirits. When was the last time you've heard, "Today is your day!" Well, you've just read it. Now walk ovee to a mirror and say it to yourself: Today is my day.

Because it really is your time. The moment is right now, and the future, every second you have, is the reward of this moment. What will you do with Right Now?

Will you send emails or make phone calls to the people you haven't talked to in quite some time? Will you openly think about what makes you great and share this energy with others? Will you continue on one path while ending another?

I dare you to be above and beyond this morning. I dare you to be amazingly extraordinary, even if this energy last for 4 hours. I dare you to be yourself, at your best.

Monday Mornings Matter, so make them count like a child that finally counted from 1 to 100 and feels pure joy and pride because of their accomplishment. Go Get'em!!!!

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